Our Cause – ILK

At ILK inclusiveness, love and care are our code. We want to make sure that our every step is not just benefitting us but also helping the community we envision to create. Cancer is one such issue that we feel strongly about. Shikha (the co founder) is herself a survivor of stage 3 breast cancer and thus the issue hits us home.

In India alone, we lose 1 out of 2 newly diagnosed women of breast cancer. The estimated number of people living with the disease in India alone is 2.25 million and over 11,57,294 people are newly diagnosed every year. (source: ICMR and NICPR). But early detection of cancer can save many lives and can secure their livelihoods.

Organization Name that raises awareness about cancer screening and helps cancer patients by providing support to those who cannot afford it's treatment. (One line about the organisation). We at ILK have come together to donate 5% of all profits to Organization Name.

We at Ilk have come together to donate 5% of all profits to the cause of cancer.

We recognize that this is just a small start and that we will be adding more funds to this list through the coming weeks and months. We welcome dialogue, suggestions, and questions from you.

We are committed to the fight against cancer in our small way. Not just for today and not just for this month. This is a lifelong commitment. We are here for it. 

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